For Fun

How can I make my wiki look better?

There are many features in wikis which can be utilized to change the aesthetic appearance of your wiki. While not a requirement, tricking out your wiki can be fun. Below are resources to help you personalize your wikispace.

Basic Look & Feel

Adding Widgets

Widgets are the neat "tools and gizmos" you see on wikis - things like YouTube movies, GoogleCalendars, Slideshow viewiers or photo galleries. They are outside programs which are embeddable into your wiki. Simply - you grab the code, paste it into your wiki, and voila, the widget shows up once you hit save. To see some examples and step by step guides, try the links below

Kristen Hokanson has some great examples of widgets you can add:
Here are wikispaces directions on embedding media and HTML codes:
Go2Web20 - a great place to find the latest widgets for your wiki: