How Can Wikis Be Used in Education?

To Collaborate With Your Students, Faculty and Other Professionals

To Collaborate Globally

To Share Information About Projects

To Organize information About Your Classes (for yourself, students, parents, admininstrators)

For Students to Organize Their Course Information

To Teach Workshops or Classes

To Organize Professional Work

To Create a Digital Portfolio (Another example:

For Conference Presentations

For Web Presentations

For Professional Development and Other Presentations

Other Ideas

Why Use One?

  • a wiki allows you to gather resources on the fly, post them, and share with others
  • they allow you to collaborate with colleagues
  • they require no memory space to store your most needed documents and resources
  • they can be edited anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection (no software is needed)
  • they allow you to add in "widgets" which add visual or audio impact to your work (e.g. calendars, videos, maps, etc.)
  • Things to keep in mind...
    • Take your time before rolling out your wiki (they take time)
    • Have a focus (how will you use it... it may change over time)
    • Have fun and be creative with your wiki
    • Don't make your wiki into just one more task you have to do - make your wiki work for you!

You Can Also Create Student Accounts in Your Wiki